Chef Gosselin BBQ Pan Grilled Pork Chops

Everyone needs a recipe that is a crowd pleasing,  Royal Flush. Come home… realize that you have a dinner to prepare that must be quick, simple and delicious. These pork chops (for those that love a pork dinner) are all that and more. I can get my roasted carrots and baked potato on the plate with the chops in just over an hour. Lets make Chef Gosselin BBQ Pan Grilled Pork Chops.

I always shop a meat bargain and buy a nice full piece of pork loin when it goes on special. I immediately slice the loin into 1″ chops and freezer wrap with a pair per zip lock….for future use.  10 min on power lever 2 to defrost.

2 ea pork chops

2 tbsp your favorite BBQ sauce

1 cup chicken stock


black pepper

1 tsp canola oil

Pre heat your over to 350F

In a 10 inch skillet  with lid( I use cast iron as that meal is going in the oven to finish) place canola oil and heat on high until smoking

Season the chops with salt and pepper both sides and brown well in hot skillet

Add chicken stock to skillet

Place 1 tbsp BBQ sauce on top of each chop in skillet and place lid on skillet

Place skillet in oven and finish cooking for 10 min- 20 min depending on how thick you have cut the chops

Remove and plate your chops

Pour the nice BBQ au jous into ramekin and  place on plate next to chops as dipping sauce.


These are simple and lovely chops… when I serve this item my guests all get very plate territorial.


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