Spinning the wheels back in time


In the early 80’s Sybil Ferguson opened the Diet Center with an idea of making a mainstream business out of a skill she developed for weightloss. She founded a franchise and offered a service that the masses could afford based on a program that was beneficial and rather healthy. I participated in her plan and found myself 65 pounds thinner and in physical condition that allowed me to make a military career. I could not have made the move without Peg (Diet Center Franchise owner, Saratoga Springs NY 1982) and her staff. They helped make the leap towards better health less of a burden and more of a desire.

A thought to share, forwarding that having a good group of high energy support, makes your diabetes or weight loss concerns less the burden and more an adventure. On this blog site you have me and I have you…. I will be sharing my adventure as you offer yours.

Back to Sybil and the Diet Center

I attended regular weigh ins and health reviews as I visited the Diet Center…. you will certainly be advised by myself to have any of my recipes and plan reviewed by your health professional as you make your way through the path to a better menu. I will share with you the recipes that I collected from resources that were offered to me in the past. Many of the Diet Center patrons wrote great recipes and had thoughts that were placed on newsletters that my mentor Peg offered. I will call upon those newsletters as I recover them and through the newsletters, will share with you the ideals that Sybil Ferguson offered. She had a great philosophy to internalize concerning how to make food a friendly tool instead of a weapon of mass destruction. Sybil has passed along and her company was long ago sold to another firm but the ideals for which it stood still has great potential to be part of our guideline.

Graham Kerr, the Galloping Gourmet is a food legend. His contributions to making great meals and menu items by pulling calories out of a menu and substituting healthy ingredients for the high calorie ones was phenomenal. I was an avid watcher of his program that was in rerun by the time I was appreciating the GK efforts. Never-the-less there is phenomenal guide work already laid by just two personalities and I promise to find many more. I will research and dig up some nostalgic recipes and share them with you. Together we will modernize the recipes to meet the tastes of today.

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