Eating Plan for Diabetic and Obesity Health Improvement*******DETOX Plan


The first principle that I will share from my early research is the rule of 4’s. Here we break a plate into four quadrants. You place a different food item in each quadrant to meet your nutritional needs. Meat and proteins will be only 1/4 the entire plate and thus are less important than you might think in a healthy living plan. Veggies and fruits will make up 3/4 of the plate space and these are the bonus leap for most of us.

Next is the importance of hydration. We are creatures that need to move building blocks of waste and nutrients around inside our body. Without a good flow of liquid in our veins and arteries the removal of the waste products and the import of energy sources cannot properly take place. As a result of this need our guideline will be to drink 8 ea 8oz of water each day. One 8oz glass every 2 hours is a great goal.


Fresh fruit is very important to our health. The sugar and fiber found in fruits help regulate the enzymes in our body that are designed to trigger hunger and fatigue. We certainly want to feel satisfied and elated with ourselves. Fruit can be a path towards that boost in health.


Fresh Vegetables will assist the fruit in making us feel satisfied and help the fruit to keep our digestive tracts clean and moving. Along with the hundreds of our wonderful benefits, fresh vegetables will deliver vitamins and fiber.


Meat and Fish will be part of the protein that you eat. Protein is a building block in the body for  all process including weight loss and cell processes.

The Beginning of the DIET PLAN

The DETOX period

What did you say…I need to DETOX…????? Well not in the sense of a cleaning of your body but in the sense of a preparation for a health improvement. You need to tell your body that you are making new plans and it needs to expect a different way of getting its nutrition. It is true that your body has a way to direct you to eat foods that it has regularly been fed. It wants to keep things at status quo. So a two day menu change will be your guide on this program. I will lean on the Sybil Ferguson plan here to give guidance on these first two days.

You will understand this process after reading a bit more.



No skipping meals

  • You are asking your body to trust you. Feed it on your new designed schedule and it will have little to complain about.

Drink the water

  • 8oz every 2 hours

Eat on schedule

  • feed the face at least every 3 hours

Keep an emergency snack on hand

  • orange
  • apple
  • melba toast

No picking on yourself if you have a binge moment

  • You will feel great on this health plan. No need to beat yourself up just start right back into the plan if you have a weak moment

Pick your support pals with care

  • good partners offer you a glass of water, tea or coffee, not a beer

Weigh ins and Measurement …….Progress Reporting

Weigh in only once a week (you get a huge bonus on that day and get to see your progress)

  • Make a promise to yourself to be diligent and steadfast in your effort and each weigh in will be a bonus

Measure your body (re measure once a month and enjoy)

  • Waist
  • Hips
  • Biceps
  • Chest
  • Thighs
  • Neck

During the detox period which is 2 days in length you will be eating a huge amount of items that you normally may not place in your mouth. Let’s detail these first two days.

********2 DAYS ONLY*********

NOTE: Grapefruit … please buy 2 each grapefruits you will eat half a grapefruit in the morning (just before breakfast) and half just before dinner each of the detox days

Two Day Meal Plan

Again….this is for the first two days of this diet plan….it is used to prepare your body to eat better. After day two you will use a different methodology. Read my other posts and take a copy of the eating plan. This is a healthy plan designed for those with diabetic obesity and those of non diabetic obesity.  You will notice that sugar and salts are almost non existent.

Menu for Day 1 and 2

Morning opener    1 each 8oz glass warm water with 2 oz lemon juice within 10 min of waking (this will raise your metabolic rate quickly and get your body ready for the day)


  • glass water
  • Grapefruit half
  • coffee, tea (black)
  • You can eat as much cooked steak, chicken, turkey or fish and as many as three hard boiled, soft boiled or eggs cooked in a non stick pan as you want along with as much fruit that you can possibly place in your face. I will post the list of  accepted fruit.  Not all fruit will be part of this program. We will look at the best means of cooking the meats.

Just before Snack

  • glass water


  • Apple or orange


  • glass water
  • Eat a huge salad. Eat as much as you can. I will give you the list of the approved veggies. Eat as much cooked meat, fish and poultry as you want. Just eat the salad first.


  • glass water
  • Apple or orange


  • glass water
  • Grapefruit half first
  • Eat a huge salad. Eat as much as you can. Eat as much cooked meat, fish and poultry as you want. Just eat the salad first.
  • two each pieces of Melba toast

Salad dressing for your meals


Each of your salad dressing needs can have up to 4 ounces of Apple Cider Vinegar and a tsp of olive oil. You may add any amount of oregano, black pepper, thyme, crushed red pepper, non sugar sweetener, basil, chives etc. 

Mix your selected ingredients in a small mixing bowl using a whisk  and pour over salad and toss well

NOTE: If you do not like olive oil on your salad you may use that oil on your meat. You MUST have 2 ea tsp of olive oil each day on this plan. The olive oil is essential to the plan.


As with any change in your living habits. Please have your trained medical professional review your plan. This is a life change and you will lose weight, you will eat well and you will feel the improvements. Your medical staff can help you by monitoring your body and should there be a physiological push back by your body, preempt the concerns.

The beginning of a wellness plan has just been introduced to you. I will transcribe the rest of the instructions in another entry of this blog. I will also offer you in another entry the list of acceptable meats, fruits and veggies plus the snack goods you can add. All this and more coming….and IT is FREEEEEEEE!




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  1. Where can I find the acceptable list of fruits and veggies for the Detox and Reduction?

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