How to Doctor Up Boxed Stuffing Mix

I had a small conversation and received a question from one of the blog readers…. the question was concerning the use of boxed stuffing mix versus the made from scratch version. I personally have a like for the boxed mix and I always add my culinary touches to the mix to make it more unique and memorable. So in my reply to the question….

  1. Celery, onion, carrot (Mirepoix) sauteed in a little olive oil and follow the instructions on box
  2. Saute diced, peeled apple
  3. Sauteed mushroom and onion with a wisp of a wine sauce.
  4. Add chopped toasted pecans or walnuts
  5. Add dried cranberries or some sauteed fresh cranberries

Now I am more of a plain simple chef when it comes to stuffing….but you can take it in many directions. Hope this helps you decide on what you want to serve on your table and how you can make it unique and part of your culinary expression.

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