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What a fine test of my culinary skills occurred during our  bicycling, RV adventure this past weekend. A moment where wife was bragging to some fellow campers/cyclists about my past career and it was necessary to show my chef skills. Our fellow cycling campers were enjoying my finger foods after a day of riding…. we chatted grilling for dinner and one fellow brings out a new butane grill in the box to assemble. He took lead at getting his grill ready. Out came some packages of chopped meat…. Kristy and I had pedaled to a Xenia OH grocery store called Groceryland  earlier in the morning and we bought a chicken, tomatoes and some baking potatoes. We are camping man! Roughing it in our 34 ft RV with nice cooking galley. Roughing it where the other campers all had fine RVs too. Grilled chicken, burgers,veggie platter and more …but what shall we present as the sweet meal completion of the evening? Mary (another camper) announces …I have angel food cake, Hmmm…. bananas were brought out by Mary too. She says …”you are a chef make something with that?” I created a very fine tasting dessert using a liquor that I was only slightly familiar, Hpnotiq by Heaven Hill Distillery.

Just happens that my gal regularly works with the Heaven Hill Distillery in her job at the Louisville Jewish Federation. She had some Hpnotiq, a blue liquor that has some really great blending. I read the label and tasted it for the first time….wow… nice tongue popping, sweet liquor that has culinary potential in the kitchen.  What a great cooking ingredient it turned out to be. Here is my new recipe. My meager research shows that there is a lack of experimentation by my fellow peers.  I cannot find where any chef has used/published Hpnotiq in a dessert…. well??? Get going my fellow creative minds…. this is a nice tool to use in your fine desserts and dishes. Take my recipe as a starter as I will…. and let’s see where this fine ingredient can put new taste in the mouth of our guests.

NOTE to Heaven HILL…I need more ingredient please!


Bananas Hpnotiq by Chef Gosselin

2 ea  semi ripe bananas sliced generously on the bias

3 oz Hpnotiq liquor

4 ea  1.5 inch thick slices of Angel food cake

1/4 stick butter (sweet cream)

2 tsp raw sugar

1 pinch salt

1 tsp honey

4 scoops vanilla ice cream (optional)

3 tsp toasted almond slivers (optional)

Whipped cream (optional)


In skillet on med heat melt butter

Saute banana slices until caramelized on both sides

work the pinch of salt lightly over caramelized bananas

sprinkle raw sugar over bananas

Add honey

Raise heat to hi and add Hpnotiq liquor

Allow alcohol to reduce or flame off the alcohol as the rumbling boil starts in pan

Place the angel food cake on serving plates and place banana over the cake. Pour buttery Hpnotiq over bananas

Serve hot

Add vanilla ice cream and toasted almond slivers for presentation.

Makes 4 servings


GREAT TASTE….. and awesome presentation. All my guests loved the dish.


2 Comments on “Bananas Hpnotiq

    • The mother of invention is often captured in a moment when the pressure is on….I kind of felt like the IRON CHEF at that plating. The intense wonderful smell of the Hpnotiq as it cooked down and the alcohol evaporated was the first culinary moment when I knew this was a high score on the taste card.

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