30 in 30 Day 11

Chef Gosselin is attempting to lose 30 pounds in 30 days using the weight loss plan that is posted on this website. Thus far after 11 Days of minimum effort, not drinking all my water (will explain lower in the post) and drinking sugar in my tea. Occasionally, sneaking some sweets and some extra bread here and there…. I have lost 9 pounds. AMAZING and awesome are the words I will use. The diet is sound…..and doable. The food items are wholesome and healthy thus your body does not suffer bloating and blockage. You are eating every two hours and sipping water between those hours.

My main issues circle around restroom breaks. My body aged poorly leaving me desperate to get to the restroom each time I need to go….and it can be by the time I get back to my work desk…I must turn around and go again. The restroom is so inconveniently located in my office (one floor down)… I am pressed to cut my sipping of water to lower the need to go. It really is not what I want to do but it is one poor solution for right now.

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