Back in the Kitchen


I am awakening again after a culinary slumber period all summer. I feel like I was in Sleepy Hollow in NY State.  Fall is definitely a time where I get feisty in the kitchen. The pizza and pasta dishes with delicious meatballs….(BRAGGING…I make some of the best meatballs you will ever enjoy!)….soups and stews….. the beef and turkey pot pies…..and SALADS…(I love a great well thought out salad). Salads are art pieces that you eat. If you make a salad based on your best art design….the guests will come! So if you do not mind. Let’s get cooking.

I am going to play a bit with some Heaven Hill Distilled products. I went to the Heaven Hill web site and discovered that they brand almost every product I would like to have in my kitchen. Shame that there is not a special size for chef use. If you open a 5th and hand it to the chef to cook with you are NUTZ! I am thinking that a bourbon meatball and a nice pork based bourbon stew might be up my chef jacket sleeve. Of all the recipes where my mouth says move in this direction… I cannot see why my fellow chef brethren fail to leap into this area. Perhaps my Dr Demento brain is all screwed on right when it comes to creating kicked up great recipes that make this site so valuable.

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