Turkey Stock (for Soups and Stuffings)

During the holidays you might find a need for different meat stocks to prep your meals. Chicken and Turkey stock are alway part of my pre-prep work. Saves me money to make it myself and I love the fresh flavor of a home-made stock over a store bought type in a box or can. You will need about 10 cups of Turkey Stock for my Southern Cornbread Stuffing recipe. I also use the stock to make my famous Chef Gosselin Cream of Mushroom Soup. Let’s make some Turkey Stock for our holiday menu….we can even freeze it ahead of time for use later.

Turkey Stock Recipe

2 Turkey Legs (I cut them right off my holiday bird but you can buy them in the store at holiday time in a package)

10-12 cups water

2 tsp salt

Place turkey legs in a medium stock pan with a lid or a crockpot.

Add the 10-12 cups water

Add salt to water

Cook the legs until the meat is ready to fall off the bone

Remove turkey legs and set aside for use later

Place liquid in lidded storage container (allow to come to room temp and place in refrigerator)

Skim fat from cold liquid before using

I prep my stock well in advance of meal preparation. I might even freeze it if I need room in my  refrigerator

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