Salpicao de Frango (Brazilian Chicken salad)


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Salpicao, is a salad made with vegetables, fruits, and meat (normally chicken or turkey) and a delicious touch of crunchy potato sticks.  It is good with anything even sandwiches, roasted chicken, barbecue… In Brazil is traditional to serve in the New Year and Christmas supper, but it can be used any occasion. Delicious, creamy and crunchy in the same time, and very easy to make. I think is a good thing to try.

1 chicken breast cooked with seasons and shredded (It have to be very seasoned because it is going to be the meat part of the dish)

250 g cooked ham, cut julienne

2 large carrots, cut julienne

1 can whole kernel corn

1 can sweet peas

2 Granny Smith apples cut julienne

1 small onion, shopped

200 g raisins

1 cup mayonnaise

1 can (floz) table cream

300 g. potato sticks

In a large bowl mix the chicken, the ham, onion, corn, sweet peas, carrots, raisins, and apples. All together mixing well. In another bowl, mix the table cream with the mayonnaise, and add to the salad, tossing very well. Taste the salt, and in this point you can add season as pepper, garlic powder, as you please. Let stand in the fridge at least to an hour after serve.  Put in the plate that you will serve, and lay the potatoes on the top, just before serving to have the crunchy delicious touch.

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