The Hard Roll


Bread is among the most important food in the history of man. Without bread, man would not have been able to meet certain sociological milestones and be able to move from the cave to the city. This is a fact and there are enough reading materials available on the topic to help enlighten your curious mind as to how important bread is to the social order of man.

My topic today goes deep into a specific form of bread, “the hard roll”. The hard roll has a few old world names and is usually attributed to the Kaiser of the early 1800’s. Here is the WIKI link to an article Hard Roll History  . It is this type roll that I have found deep satisfaction and perfect eating texture. The hard roll and baguette are the two most baked breads in my home. I bake every other weekend. The baguettes and hard rolls go into the freezer and we use them up as needed. What better than a hard roll at lunch with some butter….or a nice sandwich on a roll. Ahhhhhh. Tell me your bread story?

If you read my blog on Turkey Dinner… you had that description of how tender came that nicely seasoned turkey breast. My gal tolerated three meals of turkey and abandoned any desire for the rest. I was left with a pound or such and my hard rolls. I think you know where I took this. My lunch sandwich and dinner sandwich were turkey. It is so good that I am sitting here typing hoping that no one eats the sandwich I left in the refrig at home. It is good!

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