Turkey Dinner ?

My gal decided that she wanted a turkey dinner this past weekend. We are in the first of the elevated temperature weekends coming out of the cool and into the hot. I am a deep fan of turkey.  It is my favorite meat item. I decided that I had enough goodies on hand to make a full spread and really give the cool weather a send off. What I did not expect that my additional efforts as I took a moment to play in the kitchen would offer such a great taste.

I decided to use a bourbon rub on the bird in place of the typical rosemary type seasoning I use at holiday time. ¬†McCormick’s Brown Sugar and Bourbon Grill Mate was my product of choice. I bought some to try out and I have really liked using this taste on some of the meats I grill.

My gal was happy with my dinner presentation last night and I packed her 3 lunch meals for work this week. I made a turkey sandwich in one of my fresh baked hard rolls… WOW… it was an awesome, tender sweet taste to the meat that was more of a pleasing surprise. I was going to make my co-worker a sandwich too but I am going to keep the remaining bird for a second bite this evening. What he does not taste he cannot miss.

NOTE to my blog readers… GRILL MATES Applewood Rub and Brown Sugar and Bourbon… two thumbs up!

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