Teriyaki Chicken Wing Special

I have been working on my home. Completely remodeling everything piece by piece. When I complete a portion that was hard or is a milestone, I create a great dinner or lunch for my gal and her sister. I just installed a new AC unit and it is running. I made a nice ribeye luncheon. The chicken wings were an appetizer. The girls have always loved my chicken wings and with some teriyaki sauce baked on after a nice prep in the frying pan, I do a nice high-temperature baking to put a little char in the wings. I have always decided not to use my grill to avoid the mess. Let’s make some teriyaki chicken wings in my special method.

6 pounds of frozen chicken wing pieces (12-15 wing segments)

1 ea jar of your favorite Teriyaki sauce

2 cups cooking oil

Thaw and drain frozen wings

Preheat oven to 400F

Place 1 cup cooking oil in a 12-inch skillet pan

Place on medium heat

Fry the wings until the skin starts to crisp and slightly brown

You may have to drain the wings as they will give off a lot of liquid and the oil will become contaminated. 

Use the remaining oil for the second part of the browning if the first fry oil becomes contaminated.

Transfer the wings to a sheet pan and place some teriyaki sauce over the top. 

Bake the wings until the tops are browning. 

Flip wings on the tray and add more teriyaki sauce on the bottoms. 

Place in oven again and brown until the wings are done.

Server your wings with your favorite dipping sauce. Add some carrot and celery slices for a nice flair.

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