Beefing Up the HotDog

I do like a great beef hotdog. I shy away from the blended chicken and turkey dogs, they just do not balance well with my pallet. Nathans and Sam’s Club Member All beef hotdogs are high on my list. I like them boiled then grilled. Let’s make a nice beef hotdog and use a good bun.

Sam’s Club hotdogs are nice and chunky. You get a double set in the package (12 hotdogs). I cook 2 at a time. My gal and I can only eat one each. 

2 each All Beef Hotdogs

4 tbsp coleslaw

1 tbsp chopped tomato

2 tbsp shredded cheddar cheese

1 slice American cheese

2 tsp yellow mustard

4 tbsp chili

2 ea good hotdog buns



In a medium-sized stockpot bring 6-10 cups of water to boil

Add hotdogs to boiling water

All hotdogs to boil for 10 min

Remove and grill on the outdoor grill until hotdog outer skin is browning.

Remove from grill and place a hot dog on the bun

Place half a slice of American cheese on the hotdog

Add two tablespoons of heated chili on the hotdog

Add a squeeze of mustard down the side of the hotdog

Place 2 tbsp of coleslaw on the chili over the hotdog

sprinkle a teaspoon of chopped tomatoes over the coleslaw

Finally, add a little shredded cheddar cheese on top of everything. 

You now have a fully dressed and most awesome hotdog…. it is a full meal. Enjoy!


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