Chef’s Special Iced Tea

I moved to the south portion of the US many moons ago. The debate of how a good southern tea is made is not a problem in my area. Sweet tea is certainly available at most eats places. I have a deep desire to get the best sip out of my drinks as possible. I make a tea and blend my flavors with mint. Let’s make some of my special tea. It is very good.

1 gallon container

Hot water from your tap (I do not heat the water hotter than tap water)

3/4 cup of sugar

4 each tea bags Luzianne Tea

4 each tea bags Bigalow Perfectly Mint tea

Place sugar in the one gallon container

Add enough hot tap water to cover the sugar.

Swirl the water around in the container until the sugar dissolves

Add tea bags

Fill the container with hot tap water

Let sit until the tea infuses the hot water

Use a long cooking spoon to stir the tea in the container

Place container in refrigerator and chill

Serve over fresh ice cubes in a tall glass and enjoy

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