Chef’s Cold Coffee Drink

Under certain circumstances that great hot coffee drink is just not where you want to be. You know you want something cold…perhaps something creamy and coffee tasting. A nice cold coffee might be that coffee. drink. I am a fan of cold, creamy coffee. Let’s try a coffee drink that I make for myself. Sorry to tell  many of the coffee drinkers… I have recently switched to the Keurig machine and I discovered that my coffee for cold sipping is available. I use Green Mountain Dark Magic. 

1 ea 24 oz cup or glass

2 ea Dark Magic K-cups (brewed at 4-6OZ for each (keeping them very dark)

2-3 packets of Nutrasweet (you use what you like)

1.5 oz Half and Half

Cubed ice enough to fill your cup

Fill your glass with cubed ice

Place your sweetener over the ice

Trickle your off over the ice and sweetener

Top the coffee with your cream



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