30 in 30 WEEK 2

Chef Gosselin is out to lose weight using the diet plan described on this blog site. The goal is to lose 30 pounds in 30 days. On day 7 a whole 7 pounds were measured as GONE. I am pleased with the results and feel on track with my goal. Thus far I can only see the shrink marks on my belly…. I do have a little more energy and I think some of my clothes are a bit lose.  I have had a few minor slip ups…had a couple brownies that were hanging out in my freezer. They called out to my face and POOF …I listened.

I have heard that the first few weeks are the hardest….when your body settles into the acceptance of the new normalization of eating, things get easier. I can buy into that explanation. It seems to be my norm too.

Went swimming (this is week 6) this early morning at 6AM. My gal and I go to a local pool 3 times per week for an hour swim. I am getting in the groove of pedaling my indoor recumbent trainer but that is not yet habit.

Week 2 is opening and I have had a decent start…. brought my lunch and it is a simple salad with my favorite dressing, watermelon and cantaloupe. This combo will get me through the day and tonight a piece of steak or chicken and some onions sauteed, that were picked fresh from the farm stand just up the road from my home.

Feel free to chime in with your progress ….if you are working on yourself too.



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