30 in 30…DAY 6

Chef Gosselin is losing some weight. 30 pounds in 30 days…..No thrills or frills…. I am about the enter the weekend for this first full week of dieting. I cannot say that I am without cravings….my body wants BREAD badly. Hehehehehe. I am being as good as possible. No bingeing and no sweet indulgences. Mornings are really good. 3 hard boiled eggs and a piece of dry toast with my coffee is very good. I have been lunching on salads …. and fruiting with cherries, apples, and melon for my snacks (all very good)…..the added water I am drinking is just whomping my day. I am one flight of stairs above the restroom all week day and that is an OUCH. Almost an emergency when the need to go arises. I have lost 5 solid pounds… hoping to have 7 off the body as I end the week.

I am swimming with my gal 3 times per week and about to add cycling on the non swimming days. If this can kick my weight loss into over drive I will let you know.

For those just reading my blog for the first time…. I am using the Weight loss Plan that you find listed in my side bar. It is a very sensible plan that is healthy and will offer success. If you are a weight loss needing person feel free to come join me and add your experience here.

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