Superbowl 2017 Finger Food Spread Part 1 “The Chicken Wing”

There are so many types of hors d’oeuvres to discuss that I could go on for several hundred recipes. I will limit this to the items I am serving at the party at my house.

Let’s make some hors d’oeuvres for the Superbowl Party!

I bought a bag of frozen wing segments from the Sam’s Club. The price was nearly $20 for 10 pounds of wings. Its been a while since I last bought wings….they are $1.99 per pound OUCH for such a sleazy meat. I will not deep fry my wings…I refuse to spend the huge additional cost of the peanut oil….so I am dry rubbing them and baking. They will be equally delicious when they are served.

Chicken Wings

10 pounds of wings

McCormacks Grillmate Applewood Rub

McCormacks Grillmate Brown Sugar Bourbon Rub

Lemon salt

Black ground pepper


Divide the 30+ chicken wings in the 10 pound bag into three equal groups

Rinse the wings and dry with paper towel

Place each group of wings in a zip lock bag and add some of the Applewood Rub to bag #1

Add some Brown Sugar Bourbon rub to bag number two

Add some Lemon Salt , garlic powder and Black Pepper to bag #3

Zip each bag and shake to coat the wings with the rub

When coated evenly and to your liking (you can add more rub if needed) remove wings from bag

Place each group in a skillet heated to MedHI with a small amount of cooking oil

Brown lightly on all sides

Remove from skillet and spread out on a large baking sheet (with sides)

Bake in preheated 350F over for 25 min or until done throughout the wing (I like mine crispy on the outside so I bake longer)

Remove from oven and serve with Ranch dressing, Blue cheese dressing, sliced carrot sticks and celery sticks.



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