Robust Chicken Salad – Paula Kuhl Style

As a house hold cook, I can appreciate the fine perfection that someone places into their preparation. My pal Cliff has always been so proud and bold as to brag about his wife and several meals that she makes. He told me of her famous chicken salad and how the real Hellmann’s mayonnaise and green olives leaped out in your mouth with every bite. Paula made some of her famous chicken salad…. it is the way Cliff tells the story in my mind too…. it’s really good. Creamy, eggy, chickeny, with the salty bite of the green olive and pimento…..I really like what I tasted. Let’s Share the Paula Kuhl recipe and make her Robust Chicken Salad.

2 lbs boneless skinless chicken breasts

1 T poultry seasoning

1 T garlic salt

1 T onion salt

1 T celery seed

8 Hard-boiled eggs

1  5.75 oz  jar sliced olives (drained)

Hellman’s Mayonnaise (to liking-will soak in overnight)



Cover chicken breast with water, season with poultry seasoning,

Garlic salt, onion salt, celery seed – bring to boil

Cook until done (10 minutes minimum)

Drain, cut chicken into pieces at preferred size

Add jar of sliced olives

Cube and add hard-boiled eggs

Add mayonnaise to taste – we like ours wet, so we usually add mayo next morning


Serve on your favorite bread.

This is not your classic chicken salad and it will really offer that awesome difference after you have tried the recipe and tasted that nice salty taste…. me likey. I made mine in a wrap with some lettuce….Ahhhhhhhhhh

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