Cheese and Nut Wrapped Olives- Hors D’oeuvres Series

There are a few items I want to include in my Fondue Party for Xmas Eve. One is a nice little Hors D’oeuvres platter for my diners to munch on before we go to the movies. I am starting to look at the different items that have caught my eye. Here is one from my Pinterest page. Cheese and Nut Wrapped Stuffed Olives

This cream cheese wrapped green olive rolled in some crushed nuts just looks so good I could not turn it away as a top contender for the Chef Gosselin party. I have never made them but the recipe is easy.

1 Jar Pimento Stuffed Green Olives, large olives

1/2 cup walnuts, almonds and peanuts, crushed

8 oz  Cream cheese, softened by allowing to come to room temperature


Sprinkle the crushed nuts onto a plate

Drain jar of olives and dry olives with paper towel

Take a small amount of softened cream cheese in your hand and place the olive onto the cheese

Form a cheese wrap around the olive

Roll olive in crushed nuts

Place to side on wax paper for refrigeration after you have wrapped all the olives

Slice olives in half and serve chilled at time of event

These are really great ideas for some event finger food. Easy to make and looks like you spent a good amount of time preparing but they really go together quickly.




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