Pan Made Gravy from Turkey Drippings (Holiday Meal Collection)


Making a gravy is relatively easy and making it the way (consistency and texture) that you might enjoy is easy for me to pass along. Please practice making gravy using a little of your pan drippings first if you are a novice before committing to using all the pan drippings to get the taste and amounts and technique down. Then add the extra drippings and creating your gravy.

The key to a pan drip table gravy is a flour based cooking substance we call a roux. Roux is the thickening foundation for many hot food liquids and makes a great backbone to gravies. Let’s make a turkey gravy for our holiday dinner collection of recipes using a roux and some pan drippings.

Roux is made in the pan as you need it. Let’s make some

2 tsp All Purpose flour

2 tsp butter

pinch black ground pepper

Place butter in a pan and melt on med heat

Sprinkle flour into the melted butter and stir continuously to allow butter and flour to make a paste in the pan

The roux that is forming can be used at any time but we will cook it for about 80 more seconds or until it just starts to turn light brown as we continue to stir it

Add black pepper to give the roux a speckled look

You have just made ROUX….

Now let’s use that roux to make a gravy

2 cups of pan drippings from the turkey we just cooked

1/2 cup half and half

1 tsp salt

Add the turkey drippings directly to the roux that you just created

Stir with your whisk to get the drippings to begin to dissolve the roux and the dark buttery spots left in the pan that had created by the butter turning dark

Add the half and half cream

Continue stirring to get the desired thickness.

Taste as the gravy forms and thickens

If you need salt add some of the amount you measured in your teaspoon

Taste again….if it is good to your taste and the texture and thickness is as you would like to off to your guests you are done.

Transfer into your serving bowl and move to table


Congratulations…. you have prepared gravy. I want some on my crescent roll


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