POZOLE (Chicken broth with hominy and vegetables)


Pozole is not a traditional Brazilian meal. It is a delicious recipe frequently found on the tables in Brazil. Originally, Pozole came from an ancient Aztecan dish. It was only served in very special occasions since the corn was considered sacred plant to that culture, as it also was sacred to other peoples of Mesoamerica. The dish is prepared today with pork or chicken, garnished with chili peppers, onion, garlic, radishes, avocado and limes. The soup is healthy, substantial, and delicious. It is good served in either cold or hot seasons. It is curious to mention, that this very dish was described by Fray Bernardino de Sahagun, Spanish first anthropologist who wrote his version of the conquest of Mexico in 1553.

I made this soup (in my version) when Chef Craig and his wife Kristy were here with us in Fayetteville,  and I think they liked very much, so I am going to share.

The recipe starts with a simple broth made (in this case) with chicken.

1 whole chicken or 2 pounds of chicken thighs, skinned and seasoned with salt, pepper and garlic powder.

1 large onion with the peel,  in quarter

1 large carrot with the peel cut in large pieces

2 big garlic cloves with the peel, just lightly smashed

1 bay leave

10 or more cups of water, enough to cover the chicken and vegetables.

Put all together in a big pot, on high, until get almost boil, but not really. We do not want to let this boil, because if it happens the broth will be cloudy and not transparent like we would like it to be. When is hot enough put in low and let it slow cook until the chicken is cooked. This is a really simple dish, but really special.

when the chicken is cooked it might be shredded and reserved aside while we take care of the broth. It might be drained and skimmed, to get free of all impurities as possible and grease. You might like to use a very thins strainer to do that job, but it will make us really proud of it. When we have a very clean broth, we put it back in the stove and add to it:

1 (25oz) can of mexican style hominy, drained and washed.

Let it cook a little and add the shredded chicken.  Now it is almost ready, All that we have to do is check the seasoning and cut the vegetables that will garnishes it:

radishes, that may be cut in thin slices and put immediately in cold water to don’t get dark

lettuce, sliced

onion, sliced

chili peppers, if you pleased

avocado, that may be sliced for last because they get dark very fast

warm some good quality flour tortillas and bring all to the table in separate little plates.

We will use sour cream too, as a final touch and diced cilantro.

We serve the soup in bowls, and when they are served, each person garnishes as wished, but is really good with all of them together, and with a dollop of sour cream and cilantro on top.



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