Product Review DGB-900B Cuisinart Grind and Brew Coffee Maker


My gal is a fan of simplicity in her sipping life. She does not like grinding fresh coffee but likes a 2 cup fresh brew every morning. She adopted the Keurig system early in its existence and we have had to buy 3 machines thus far (ridiculous) to get about 3 cup of brew everyday. The Keurig machines do not hold up to the test of time. Plus K-Cups (the pre ground refills that you place in the Keurig) are very costly. I found an attraction and it has caught my eye…the Cuisinart DGB-900B. I bought a used model on an EBAY auction and it arrived last evening.

The machine looks quite sturdy. It has a complex set of parts and my gal went to town cleaning and prepping the machine for the first brew. The manual is not really great at walking you through the program setup but if you read and re-read it enough you can make the proper setup and have it ready. Well…I woke up this morning and had a nice surprize.

The brewer was done and the coffee was nothing more than a full pot of nice hot water. Hmmmmmmmmm. So coffee did not transfer from the brewer grind hopper to the brew basket????

Upon investigation I have discovered that the brewer appears to have a full operational set of burrs on the grinder. But I still cannot get the beans to move through the grinder into the basket. I will make a greater inspection this evening after work and determine if this gets returned to the seller or if there is a blockage in the burr path. I hate operational issues on the first try…but this is what happens when you buy used. The gal thinks I should call it a Brew and Screw….hehheheheheheh. What a nickname for a highly priced brewer.

The brewer was later reexamined and recleaned. It was found to have a clog of coffee in the grind path. there is no mention in the user manual on how to clear a clogged grind chamber. We found from Google searching the answer to our clogged coffee path concern. I am now making several pots of coffee to do a coffee strength test. Tomorrow I will see if I have a fresh brewed pot of coffee from the program.

I like a dark deep pot of coffee and a strong brew….I just could not get the grinder to place a ton of grind in the basket and get the 12 cup pot to make a super deep brew…..but I coaxed the Brew and Screw to make coffee the way I enjoy it. I set the strength to STRONG….and the Size to 12…..then added only 8 cups of water to the maker. NOW I claim a cup of coffee that makes me proud. The coffee maker makes the coffee at the appropriate program time and that is really good. Is it a $200+ maker…I can only tell you that it will need to offer a lifetime of great coffee to be equal to the cost it sells for new. I already mentioned that I bought this used and it sold for $100 on Ebay.

The coffee maker is not the ultimate machine I thought it to be….but it has merit in that it will save $ over the Keurig maker in coffee costs. I have received and will get a good tasty cup of ‘Jo at a half the price of the K-Cup and that is a real saving.┬áIf you decide that this is a value to your wallet and you must have one….there are some great Youtube videos on its use…. go there and take a walk thru on the “how to use” videos. It will really help you in the long run.


EXTENDED TEST … We had to reinstall the K-Cup gobbler in its original position. The Brew and Screw did not perform very well. It did not make a really hot cup of coffee and that was not going to fly in my home. I am back looking for another higher end machine that grinds fresh and brews similarly to that which the Brew and Screw should perform.


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