Choose My Plate Tuscan Flat Bread Crackers

As promised, I will scribe delicious recipes that follow our eating plan. You can buy flatbread crackers in the supermarket under London’s and Wasa brands…or take a walk on the kitchen side and make some with me. As your chef and kitchen guru I share the fine menus that I am making for my vision of this plan. SO…. Let’s make Tuscan Flatbread Crackers for our eating plan.

These crackers are a Chef Gosselin recipe. I have made these special and am offering the recipe from the cooking lab at Casa Gosselin in the heart of beautiful Kentucky.

The house smells wonderful from all the herbs I am using and of course you will have this recipe and many more to place in your Choose My Plate Plan book.

Chef Gosselin Tuscan Flatbread Crackers

3 cups All Purpose flour (in the future I will scribe AP Flour)

1 cup Wheat flour

2 tsp baking powder

1 tsp baking soda

1 tsp fine ground kosher salt

1 tsp olive oil

1 1/4 cup cold water

1/4 cup Olde Thompson Rustic Tuscan Seasoning

In the mixing bowl goes all the dry ingredients. With the dough hook in place or a mixing spoon in hand let the machine (in my case) stir up your dry ingredients.

Add oil and water and continue mixing until dough is fully formed. Add more AP flour is your dough is too sticky or more cold water…tsp at a time…if your dough is too dry. We want a dough that will roll out very thin

Flour sparingly some parchment paper and  place dough ball on the paper.

Cut dough ball into three equal parts

Roll out dough thinly (see photo)

Bake at 450F degrees until nice and crisp.

Allow to cool and break up the big cracker sheet and place in storage container for your use throughout this week


You will really enjoy a fresh baked Tuscan Flatbread Cracker that was this easy to make and so delicious. It will be great with the chicken dish recipe that I am creating for us.


Note to Deb at J Gumbos Restaurant….this is a diabetic friendly and delicious menu item. I will give you some tomorrow on our bike ride.

Yes I am getting off my chef keester and pedaling my Fairfield Cyclery bought Ice recumbent trike.

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