The Chef Home Brews Beer



Several years ago my gal bought me a Mr Beer Home Brewing Kit. I made some beer with that kit and it actually tasted like beer and I decided I wanted to master brewing beer at home. Well in my phat headed way I was saying I will study how great beer is made.

Each year I work at the booth that my company has at the KY State Fair in Louisville KY. At the State Fair, happens to be LAGERS booth, the Louisville Home Brewers Club and they have a brewing contest that gets judged and posted at the fair. I gathered great advice from the home brewing experts at the booth and  set off with greater purpose to brew and bottle some decent beer.

I took a local free course on Brewing Beer 101, taught by a Home Brewing Supply shop. The course happened to get me even more fired up on creating a great batch of home brew. I learned to use hopping and wort making techniques.

I have made about 20 cases of beer in my brewing experience….all with my little Mr Beer Brewing Kit and not to knock the Mr Beer refill items ..I have graduated from that level of brewing into buying the ingredients separately and making the wort on my stove top; getting my Mr Beer fermenter ready and placing the wort in the Mr Beer fermenter. Home Beer making is a fun project. It does not really save a huge amount of money over buying a 6 pack at the store but you do get fresh ingredients and a ton of bragging privileges that come with the process.

If you have ever made some beer at home … drop a comment and perhaps we should post some recipes and hop schedules for common made ales.

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