Stuffed Shells Chef Raoul Gosselin Style


My dad is a great cook and if you have kept up with my blog you will see that I share experiences from other personalities like yourselves. I recently interviewed my Dad to see what he was doing in his kitchen. He had just made this Stuffed Shell dish and it sounded so good that I had to publish it immediately. Let’s Make some Stuffed Shell Chef Raoul Gosselin Style.

Stuffed Shells are a delicious menu item. The preparation is a bit labor intensive but the wow factor is always following that first bite. My dad makes his stuffed shell in different ways each time as he is an experimenter. Dad’s recipe from last night’s dinner is about as good as it gets.

1 box of extra large pasta shells (cooked al dente rinsed, strained and cooled)

1 green bell pepper diced

1 red bell pepper diced

1 large onion diced

2 tbsp olive oil

1/4 cup white wine

2 cans tomato sauce or 30 oz of Chef Gosselin Pasta Sauce (recipe on this site)

1 tbsp minced garlic

1/2 tsp salt

1/2 tsp black pepper

16 oz Ricotta cheese

10 oz fresh grated mozzarella cheese

1 cup fresh grated Romano Pecorino

1 tbsp dried oregano

1 tbsp dried basil

In a medium sized saute pan (10-12 inch) on med hi heat, saute garlic, onion, red and green peppers.

Add oregano, basil, salt and pepper. Continue to saute until onion is clarified and bell peppers are tender.

Remove veggies from pan and set aside to cool and  for later use.

In a mixing bowl, add Ricotta cheese, half the mozzarella cheese and half the Romano cheese. Blend well.

Add now cooled veggie mix to cheese mix and 4 ounces of tomato based pasta sauce. You can use your favorite pasta commercial canned or jar of sauce but my dad and I make our own.

Blend once again and grab a rinsed al dente shell.

In the bottom of a 13×9 baking pan pour 11 ounces of pasta sauce

As you use a spoon to stuff your shells place them in the pan and pack them closely.

When you are either exhausted or have filled the bottom of the pan with stuffed shells, pour the remaining 15 oz of pasta sauce atop the shells and top with remaining cheeses.

Cover pan with foil

Bake in 375F oven for 30-40 min until the sauce is bubbling and cheese is browning.

This is a great dish to offer with toasted baguette and light house salad. I do love both as my dad makes a great colorful salad and buys a good baguette. In my house you get my baked bread not only because I am the baker but my bread is awesome.







2 Comments on “Stuffed Shells Chef Raoul Gosselin Style

  1. Chef G,

    Is al dente what the directions on the pasta package will get me?

    Mrs. G

    • Great question, Al Dente is a tenderness rating that we give a pasta noodle when it is removed from the cooking process just undercooked. You can bite into the pasta and feel a little resistance in the bite of the noodle. This is the perfect time to remove the pasta when you are going to cook that pasta again like we are going to do with these shells. Again Good question

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