Chucrute de Gosselin


One of the more awesome meals I have ever eaten was at the preparation of my father. Raoul Gosselin is a perfectionist and he picks up cooking tips and recipes from all over. He was watching a Sarah Moulton featured guest in the early days of Sarah. Ann Wilhelm introduced a dish that she makes called Chucrute de Baron. My dad took that dish and put his awesome spin upon it and I called it after him….Chucrute de Gosselin. Chucrute is sauerkraut to you and I. This dish is a French/German dish with beef and pork sausage and specially prepared kraut. It is simply delicious. If you like different sausage dishes and a nice well prepared kraut this will tease your mouth and tame your guests. Let’s make some Chucrute de Gosselin.

Thank you Dad… you already know I think you are a great cook but now you get to read it in my blog.

I am preparing formula to feed 4 persons. You can adjust amounts for your needs. Remember that sausages can be cut in parts and shared since I use 4 types of sausage here. You have lots of latitude here in choosing the sausage. There are Bratwurst, knockwurst, blutwurst, cervelat, bockwurst and frankfurters to choose. Kielbasa is a sausage that works well here and all its derivatives.

2 ea Bratwurst

2 ea Knockwurst

1 full kielbasa ring cut into three pieces

1 thin sliced pork chop

30 oz sour kraut (two 15oz cans)

1 tsp dijon mustard

1 ea Granny Smith Apple (or other tart green apple)

1 ea large onion (sliced)

1 tsp caraway seeds

2 tbsp olive oil

2 tbsp butter

1/4 cup gin (yhep the alcohol type)

1 cup chicken stock

1/2 tsp black pepper

1/2 tsp salt


Place sauerkraut into a strainer and rinse then squeeze or press out excess water.

Skin apple and dice into bite sized pieces.

Saute pork chop in olive oil in large saute pan until brown on both sides (I am using a 14 in pan). Remove pork chop and set aside

Add the onion and apple and continue saute until onion is beginning to brown.

Add kraut, butter, salt and pepper and continue to mix the onion into the kraut until well tossed in the pan.

Add caraway seeds.

Pour gin over kraut mix.

Reduce heat to low.

Add sausage in a circle around kraut mix and place chop next to or under kraut in center of pan.

Add mustard and chicken stock to center of pan and cover.

Simmer on low for approximately 30-40 min as sausage heat to 160F ….add more chicken stock if pan starts to dry.

Serve with artisan bread, beer and wine. This is a great center of the table meal. I loved it when my dad placed it on a hot plate for guests to choose their sausage. Enjoy… thanks Dad.





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