Bread Baking Evening

Last evening I made my weekly batch of mini baguettes. The house smelled that usual “eat the air” wonderful that you get when the bread is baking. Cannot emphasize more that anyone with some desire to enjoy that fresher, healthier bread choice, can easily make rolls, loaves, baguettes and boules. I bake for a week or longer and freeze my breads. Pumpernickel rye, white and whole wheat are the three main dough I make. I choose the size and shape of the loaves by the meal menus that the wife suggests.  If she asks for burgers….I make burger rolls and do not need to make more than I will grill for that meal. After making bread at home for the past 8 months, I have the process rather stream lined and can get the dough rising in under a half hour. I was a professional baker at one point in life and this helps with the formulation of my dough but in no way offers me an advantage to baking in my own home.  If you think I have an advantage in my kitchen over yourself, you might want to get in a conversation on the topic procedure. I do use a mixer with dough hook….and will never go back to the manual counter top kneading technique. My bread machine use is poor at best (how can anyone fail with a bread machine (I do)). So I make the dough…proof it…. and bake that which I need in a fashion that makes sense to myself. My bread tastes great… has less additives (NONE) less conditioners (NONE) and no preservatives…no brainer if you ask this chef.

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