Working the short order grill OUCH

I have been immersed on a walk into my past. I am helping Deb and Bill out at JGUMBOS Restaurant in the Clifton district of Louisville KY on weekends by working the grill and doing light food prep work as needed. The cook that was working the grill left on short notice and I volunteered to assist. The short order grill and more specially the breakfast short order grill is in my opinion an adventure for the youthful. It is chaos of untold portion that goes from boredom in one hour to full house and eggs and breakfast meat hitting the grill and potatoes slinging. I left Sunday…smelling like a grease ball in a narrow pipe. My chef whites were wreaking and in need of some serious bleach tumble.
The restaurant owner, Debbie Mariato, is a master at the short order grill. Twenty plus year veteran and expert at slinging breakfast. She makes the grill look easier than it really is. I stepped aside this Sunday as the 10 top orders came in and the smaller dupes piled in behind the big orders. It is best to let the master do her thing and move into the role of assistant chef and try to anticipate what she might need to keep her pace rolling. I have always been great in this fashion and even when I headed the dinner line in some large, more commercial restaurants…I still moved aside when food output turned to chaos and supported the staff by managing the chaos. Keep the cooking line stocked, meats rotated and dupes moving forward. Getting waite staff and meals out the door to awaiting diners and hungry mouths is an art that I once was immersed. Today I just play chef when it pleases my fancy. Wiser in my age and sharp in my skills… I can slide in and out of the commercial arena when needed without being a burden on those that work it everyday. It is a talent I am proud to offer.

If you as my readers are visiting my fair city or if you live here. Stop by and make Debbie smile. She is only serving breakfast on weekends and the prices are very well suited for all budgets and the portions are amazing. She basically gives the meal away at cost with what you get on the plate. If you stop in soon…I will still be wearing my whites and working behind the grill and you can say hello and introduce yourself.

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