The Salad

The topic that strikes my fancy this week and may end up as a global month long conversational topic is “salad”. I  really enjoy a great simple salad though the salad is not the first thing I crave after work. I eat less vegetables than the daily recommended plating describes. If you have never heard of this… is a way to measure your intake of food. You need only look at your plate at meal time; if you have 75% vegetable on that plate versus any other food group…you are plating for a healthy life style. I only recently adopted this philosophy. It might settle in my life as 2016 unfolds….but I believe it to be a great measure of where you are heading as you age. Just a passing thought I would like to share….now let’s continue salad chatting.

The term “salad” is very individual. I like a nice leaf lettuce topped with some match stick cut colorful peppers and perhaps a few slices of cuke with some shredded cheese then a fist full of crouton. I serve others regularly and they want feta cheese and fruit and seeds or nuts plus this or that on their salad that matters not to me. So I do agree that “salading” is very individual.

What I have seen versus my practice…. I have seen neat Tupperware divided storage with all the salad basics neatly cut up and stored for an anytime munching event. I like this…but in my world of full service home chef’ing, I whip down a small cutting board and empty the storage drawers into my arms and haul the fixings to the prep area where I make my art. My version is slow and leaves me feeling like I prepped a full menu.

tofu_salad_eatgreek_salad_on_plate_191666_2avocado_tasteful_and_healthydifferent kind of fresh vegetables and fruits

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