New England Corned Beef Menu

It is the season where corned beef just rules the meat department where you shop. I have made many meals using that simple combo of cabbage, carrots, and potatoes. Let’s make a New England style Corned Beef and Cabbage meal. My gal is ready. 

4 ½ pounds uncooked corned beef

1 medium-sized green cabbage (cored and quartered)

2 pounds Yukon Gold potatoes (skinned)

2 pounds carrots (peeled with ends removed)

2 pounds whole small onions (peeled with ends cut off)

1 pound parsnips (peeled and sliced in bite-sized pieces (1″ square))

2 ea spice bags (

1/4 stick of butter

Salt and black pepper

Place about 6 quarts of water in the deep cooking pot or in your crockpot and bring to a boil (I am using my crockpot (8 quarts))

Add your spice bag. (I have a nice formula to make your own spice bag mix.

NOTE: You can place your spices in cheesecloth and tie the sack closed with butcher’s twine, I highly suggest that if you use cheesecloth, double up the cloth.

If you are using a deep pot of boiling water, remove the spice bag after 15 minutes and save the bag. Add your corned beef to the water, cover the pot, and lower the heat to low, and allow the meat to simmer until it is tender to the fork. (This will simmer for about 4-5 hours) 

If you are using the crockpot. Add the corned beef and do not remove the spice bag at this time let the spice bag remain in the crockpot for 50 min and remove after the water is rumbling nicely. Save the spice bag

Check on meat in an hour and do not allow water to get too low.

Wait 3.5 hours (if you are using a deep pot method)and then prepare a second pot with 6 quarts of water. If you are using the crockpot (test the meat for tenderness and when you can pass a fork into the meat then prepare your vegetable water). Bring this pot to a boil and place the saved spice bag into the pot. Boil for ten minutes, then remove and discard the spice bag. It has served its purpose.

In a second deep pot  ( I am using a spaghetti pot) Place onions in the second pot of boiling water. Start cooking the vegetables. Wait 10 mins and place the potatoes in the pot. Wait 10 more minutes and add the carrots into the pot. Wait 10 more minutes and add the cabbage into the pot and finally wait ten more minutes and add the parsnips into the pot.  

Cook the veggies until tender. Do not allow them to overcook.

Remove veggies from the heat, drain, and set aside.

Melt your butter in a small microwave bowl.

Drizzle your butter over the veggies.

Add salt and pepper as desired over the veggies

Remove meat from pot with tongs or slotted spoon

Place corned beef on cutting board and slice to desired thickness.

Serve hot.

Serve with nice crusty bread or hearty rye. 


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