Chef Gosselin’s Chocolate Buttercreme

A co-worked was leaving our place of business and I will miss her. She asked if  I would make her a nice sweet chocolate something with a butter cream topping…. hehhehehehe…. really? Easy Peazy…. and here it is! Let’s make my almost famous Chocolate Butter Creme topping. It is really good.

1  cup unsalted butter, softened at room temperature

cups  powdered sugar

1/2 cup cocoa powder

1/4 cup ground milk chocolate (I use Ghirdelli’s Sweet Ground Chocolate)

4 tbsp  heavy cream

1 teaspoons  pure vanilla extract

pinch table salt

Place in your mixing bowl softened butter and powdered sugar. Beat using whisk attachment on high until butter mix forms peaks.

Remove bowl

Add cocoa powder, vanilla and salt then continue mixing  by hand with silicone spatula until butter mix and cocoa is nicely incorporated. .

Place bowl back under mixer mixer on low and beat for about 30 seconds.

While mixing add  heavy cream slowly as not to drop fluffy butter mix. Mix for about 4 min to add air and make the Chocolate butter cream nice and fluffy.

Here is a fantastic chocolate topping for your sweet baking projects.


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