Chef is on a 30 pounds in 30 days Weight Loss Program

Fellow Readers: I am in need of some rehab to my all too fat body. Not ashamed to write this aloud to my readers…and I am challenging myself to drop 30 pounds in 30 days. Can it be done….???? OH Yes! Can I do it at 56 years old? We will see. I am using the weight loss plan described here in my site. ┬áIt is a proven weight loss plan with many great healthy benefits to help me stay on course and continue. If you are equally bound and I am your catalyst to move in similar direction, please join in…Lets do it!

No claim that the entire journey of body rehab will be fun but it will be none the less interesting.

So what am I really doing… How is all this coming together

Part 1

Get tuned up for the Weight Loss plan

I start swimming with my gal at a local facility 3 times per week at 6AM. I swim until 7AM and shower then go to work. (This was the beginning) WHY?

My ankles and knees are getting stiff with arthritis. Walking is out…cycling is still great (we own recumbent trikes). Weight lifting to be determined. We are 5 weeks into the swimming thing. I have lost no real or significant weight. I am toning and feeling the cardio benefits.

Now it is time to rethink and move on my food intake. I am not reducing the quantity of intake, I am altering the type of intake. Fruit for cookies, Salads for sandwiches, water for cold coffee drinks. Good proteins for meats….no junk food at all and finally a real effort to reduce bread intake (ouch). This is the gist.

Day 1


piece of toast

3 hard boiled eggs

salt and pepper to taste

Cup of coffee (fixed like I take it (cream and sweetener))

Large glass of the nice iced tea my gal makes (to go)


Large container of sliced cantaloupe melon (it is nice sized)


Large mixed lettuce and cuck salad with my choice of dressing




steamed green beans (with salt pepper and a tad of olive oil)

4 oz grilled chicken

Every 2 hours (during day) (Total 8 glasses)

8 oz of water


Cal/mag tablet

multi vit tablet


This is the layout for this plan. It is highly doable….I have 29 more days. My body will adjust to the routine of eating and drinking every 2 hours. I will be running to the restroom frequently. The trade off is tremendous.

2 pounds gone already (in the end of thirty days I will let you see my chart) I am indeed a huge man….but am of high potential and really need this to move forward in life.



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