Choose My Plate Grilled Tuscan Chicken

We need a wonderful tasty entree to place on the plate with our Chef Gosselin Tuscan Flatbread Cracker at dinner time. I am going to present a nice meal using that shaker of Olde Thompson Rustic Tuscan seasoning¬†that we bought. We should make use of the items we are buying for this eating plan as to waste nothing. So while sipping a nice glass of water…I am scribing my details for preparing this menu. I will grill this on the gas fired beast out back, please feel less obligated to use a grill if you are apartment bound and more towards using the tools you have on hand (skillet, baking sheet etc).

1 ea 4¬†ounce chicken breast (skinless…and boneless if you want to eat more meat)

1 tbsp Olde Thompson Rustic Tuscan Seasoning

1 tsp olive oil

pinch fine ground kosher salt

pinch black pepper


Baste chicken breast with olive oil (both sides)

sprinkle Tuscan seasoning on chicken

spritz chicken with pinch of salt and pepper

Grill on both sides until cooked through

This is a very nice serving of protein and serving of olive oil. I made mine and had a glass of iced tea, Tuscan Flatbread cracker and roasted garlic carrots.


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