Stuffed Cabbage again

I had this yearning for one more visit to the stuffed cabbage (Golumpki’s see my recipe in this blog) meal item before the season moves into summer. I just love that soft shelled cabbage wrapped meat texture and this time I used a crock pot technique versus oven baking. My result was a nice deep dark tomato sauce (very nice rich tomato taste)…I have placed a few pork chops in the crock pot and they simmered that whole day from 6AM until 6PM when I returned to taste my prize. The meal was exactly as I hoped… delicious and filling. My gal and my coworker will join me this afternoon as we finish off the great Golumpkis I packaged last evening. Both of them will taste those pork chops. I am sure that they are tender and melt in your mouth cooked.

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