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One of the blessings that we have on the planet include edible plants. The fruit that we can obtain is simply a fine example. Even though the US citizens taste only a tiny fraction of the glory of the planet, we do have some great choices in vegetables and fruits. In this blog episode, I will chat apple.  Here is a link to a nice little read about applesauce to enhance your conversational experience Apple Sauce Wiki

The apple in the United States is grown commercially in almost 100 different varieties. You as the shopper, perhaps have 15 top selling choices of apples at your local market at any one time. It is my opinion that applesauce is one of the great under utilized gifts to humans. It has some medicinal properties, has great taste, easy to make (you will soon read), stores well, freezes well, groups as a side dish with pork and potato dishes well, is a great baby food that you can make on the spot in minutes and can substitute for oil or butter in many baking recipes to provide a fat free food.  It has had rise and fall in popularity over the time that I have been alive. I am here to share with you that you can make apple sauce at your whim. Prepare the sauce for a meal in about a half hour and have it ready to serve with a meal or side dish as a healthy and delicious side dish choice .

The most savory apple sauce is made with a soft pulp apple. It cooks faster and has more flavor in the sauce than a hard apple. If you mix varieties of apples when making an apple sauce (it is certainly not mandatory) you can further increase the flavor in the sauce.

Here are some varieties of softer apples that make great tasting sauce.

Crispin (Mutsu)
Golden Delicious
Ida Red

I am in the middle of a front acre yard project at my small farm to plant an apple orchard and I have selected several of these type trees. It will be reported over the next several years as the trees begin to bear fruit how they fair.

My recipe formula will offer apple sauce for one person just to show you how easy it is to make sauce at home and on the spot. I think you might find this very interesting and like where I am going.

I rarely report the use of the microwave as a cooking tool. I am an expert in making meals by using the microwave as my means of cooking. I have had extensive training and have taught the use of the microwave to General Electric persons over several years in the late 1990’s. I helped pioneer the use of the Advantium (light cooking) model that GE created in the later 1990’s. If you have read my blog about the Basic Kitchen tools, I describe the microwave as a tool that is among the devices in your home kitchen that makes your life easier. For this recipe we will use the microwave and nothing fancier than a microwave safe coffee mug as our cooking vessel (Told you this would get interesting). Let’s make some apple sauce.


2 ea apples peeled and cored

1/4 pinch (just a little tiny amount) salt (optional)

sugar to taste (strongly depends on the apple variety choice that you made) (optional)

1 eye dropper drop size amount of lemon juice (or just about any citrus juice, lime, lemon, grapefruit)

cinnamon to taste (optional)


Cut apple into small chunks and place in your coffee mug

Place paper towel over mug and put mug and paper towel into center of microwave

Heat on high for 2 min or until apple is cooked and tender (use the fork test to determine) add time if needed.

Use fork to mash the apple into the sauce right in the coffee mug

Add sugar, cinnamon and citrus juice drop in the mug and mix in well with fork. Taste

Adjust your flavoring and plate ….ENJOY (you have just made fresh apple sauce in your microwave)

This is a great evening snack and warm soothing menu item for moments when you are not feeling well. Add a little honey and bourbon and you have a Chef Gosselin suggested sore throat remedy.



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