Chef Gosselin’s BBQ Ribs (Made in your home oven)

Cooking BBQ without an outdoor grill is something that most Chefs would laugh at. Here in our home kitchen we make the rules and taste and presentation are Rule 1 and 2. To make a first class Babyback BBQ rib meal in your oven is our goal. Let me guide you through the easy method I use in my kitchen. Only you and my wife know how I make the ribs so perfect. Let’s make some BBQ Babybacks in our oven.

1/2 rack Baby Back ribs (trimmed )

2 tsp You favorite dry seasoning (I use McCormack Applewood Rub or Brown Sugar and Bourbon Rub )

Aluminum foil enough to cover the ribs

1 /2 cup Your favorite BBQ Sauce (I like a Memphis Sweet (Sweet Baby Ray’s brand is what I stock))

Cut your ribs in 4 rib sections. 

Lay out a liberal piece of aluminum foil for each section of ribs you have to cook.

Liberally dust rub onto both sides of each rib section

Wrap ribs in aluminum foil and place on a baking sheet

Bake in a 300F oven for approximately 3 hours

Remove ribs from oven

Increase oven temperature to 425F

Open aluminum foil wrapper and brush on a nice coating of your favorite sauce

Place in oven and brown for 20-30 min. Do not burn

Serve with steamed corn on the cob, fresh southern coleslaw and baked beans. Now you are looking at a fine weekend meal at Chef Gosselin’s house. 

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