Scones are all gone

I am prepping for work this morning and the last lemon poppy seed scone has fallen by the way side to that cup of morning coffee. The Saturday created batch of scones and biscotti are at the end of a nice treat week for myself and my taste testing panel. My pal Cliff has had his sample as of yesterday. He was a bus driver for much of his life (seemingly, the bus driver crew all eat fast food for their daily meals)¬†and has no real appreciation for the full attitude¬†that creates great coffee and awesome baked goods. His idea of great menus starts with McDonald’s or White Castle in the morning. Hmmmmmmm…..”caca” is what a baby says.

Salads are in their containers for the gal and I to take as lunch. Nice simple salad will make the day better. More on salads coming to the blog shortly.

Lunch has come and gone… the salad was a great way to avoid a world of fast food.


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