Saturday Breakfast

Took my gal to Gumbos for breakfast this past Saturday. Felt weird sitting in the dining room again after cooking there the past seven weekends. I was having some grits…and an Asiago bagel, Deb buys some NYC baked bagels and has them shipped to Louisville. They are decent and I like a nice bagel once in a while but grits are the razz. I was once a soldier and tried grits first while dining in the mess hall. Tasted like a product my Mom fed the boys and I called Farina. Me likey. A nicely prepared, small serving of grits is just the item I needed on Saturday morning.

I arrived later than usual to the restaurant…10:30 AMish (I usually arrive as a diner at 7:45-8:00) and Deb met me with a request that I come back into the kitchen and show her again how I prep the breakfast gravy. She really wanted me to make the gravy to provide me evidence that my presence in the kitchen was missed. You will see my recipe posted for Sausage Breakfast Gravy.  Understand that it is posted for Deb, that she have the formula that I use in her restaurant. Gravy is such a basic standard item that you learn to prepare and keep in your bag of food tricks.  Please adopt it from me and take the technique with you forever. My gift. In terms of an institutional chef or cook, if you cannot make a good gravy for any occasion you are not viewed as having merit in the kitchen.

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