Occasional Bake Holiday Bacon Bite Dog Biscuits

If bacon is not  dog favorite in my home I do not have the answer to pet treats. Well it is a favorite and the kids love these biscuit bites. I make them infrequently and not every season…but I am returning to my recipe this season to make this a super year of specialty baking.

In these Chef Gosselin dog biscuits I use again some shredded carrot and brewers yeast incorporated in the rendered bacon to make the tempting flavor also offer some vitamin and nutritional value. Also I added some minced garlic to attract even the more persnickety pet. Our test group dogs are all sharking around the kitchen awaiting these treat to cool on the racks.

1 pound bacon

1 tbsp minced garlic

3 carrots, shredded

1 tbsp brewers yeast

3 cups Wheat flour

1 cup Wheat Bran

1 1/2 c cold water

Lay parchment paper on your baking pan and lay out the slices of bacon on the parchment as to fill the pan. Place pan in oven at 350F and bake until bacon is crisp and rendered.

After bacon is finished cooking, remove from baking pan and place on paper towel to drain.

Place bacon in food processor or finely chop and place in bowl to await next step.

Add minced garlic, carrot and yeast to the bacon and stir in bowl using a mixing spoon.

Add bacon mix to flour and wheat bran either stir with spoon or turn mixer on with dough hook attachment to get the bacon blended well with flour while mix is dry.

Add water to the flour mix and continue kneading or mixing until a nice dough ball is formed.

Roll out to a 1/2 inch thick or to the desired thickness for your style biscuits.

Use the cookie cutters to form your biscuits

Transfer cut dog biscuits to the baking sheet and bake in preheated 300F oven until hard and dry. Mine took 40 min and I turned them over at 20 min.

Remove from oven after biscuits are done and allow to cool and harden on a cooling rack.

Store in freezer in zip locked baggy for storage. These contain a meat product and are prone to spoilage so freezer storage would be proper.



This is not a recipe that seeks to allow the dough to rise. We are looking for ROCK SOLID biscuits to allow a dog to enjoy the crunch.

This is NOT a recipe to make for an everyday dog treat. You make these as small batch gifts for special occasions

These are high desired by dogs many will ask for more and more… limit your offering

These make great gifts for dogs of every size




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