Ham, Swiss and Asiago, Rosemary, Basil Focaccia Chef Gosselin Style


Flat bread is a trending baked good. The gal has bought some fine cheeses and I have a good olive oil. Today happens to be baking day at the Gosselin Household. Time to bake a nice Asiago Rosemary Focaccia and other assorted breads. The house smells wonderful. Let’s Bake some bread today!

I had the gal snip some fresh basil and rosemary for my baking today. I will be making rolls (hard rolls are my favorite breakfast bread) and some flat bread… My flatbread is like a pizza that you can slice into or tear into and just much anytime. The Asiago cheese, Swiss cheese, black forest ham, rosemary and basil¬†that I will use to make my variety of breads is on hand and prepared. The dough that I will use is my standard bread dough and the recipe is right on my site.

Make a 4 cup batch of Chef Gosselin bread dough ( recipe found on this site Chef Gosselin Bread Dough )

Let the dough rise twice

Stretch dough out on a food sprayed baking sheet (I made 4 each focaccia breads from one batch of dough)

Baste the bread with some olive oil

Sprinkle the Rosemary over each of the 4 focaccia breads

Crack some fresh Kosher salt and black pepper over the dough from your pepper mill and salt mill.

Spread some Asiago cheese over the dough

Spread some sliced ham over the dough

Let dough sit on the sheet pan for about 20 min as the dough proofs a bit

Preheat oven to 400F

Bake bread approx 20 min or until the bread is beautifully browned on top and bottom

Allow the focaccia to cool a bit out of the oven and tear off a piece. Dip in a little virgin olive oil as a nice diversion from a butter. This bread can be a meal entree or a side served bread. It makes a great salad crouton or a soup side.



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