Achiote Oil (Annatto Oil)


Achiote oil is a flavoring and coloring oil used in many Hispanic rice and meat dishes. I had a decent portion of my military career involved in and around Central America. I dated a Panamanian gal in my youth and she some made very tasty typical meals that I can never forget. I have a great recipe to share and it requires that we have some Achiote oil. I just happen to know how to make that oil. I will share this simple technique with you so you too can make some of this great oil for your cooking.

Achiote oil is olive oil infused with the coloring from the Annatto seeds. These seeds are easy to gather. Latino grocery stores or carry the seeds to makes the coloring for our rice. You can also buy a packet of Goya Annatto powder. It will work too.

1 cup Olive oil

6 Tbsp Annatto Seeds

Place the oil and seeds in a sauce pan and heat on medium until the oil is starting to roll and swirl. Stir and allow to simmer for about 10 min. Let oil sit without heat until cool and you will notice that the color is a deep red/orange. You have just created Annatto Oil and you are ready to make the Panamanian dish that I have loved for years called Arroz con Pollo. This is know as Chicken and Rice.

Let’s use this nice annatto oil to make a fine Arroz con Pollo.


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