Why Not Turkey??? Seasonal Nature of Meat and Poultry in our Menu



Turkey is one of my favorite menu items …if I am aiming to please only myself, I would keep turkey on hand in my refrigerator most often. I have frequently chatted with my foodie pals and we agree that turkey is really not a mild climate type food. The turkey is a seasonal food item in the stores but occasionally it emerges.

I passed a small display of whole turkeys on a frozen case end cap in the Krogers Market Place near my home area of Mt Washington KY. I like the manager in that store, Steve. He runs a very tight store and stocks his store better than any Krogers that I have shopped.  I find myself frequenting his store though it is not always in my path of shopping ease. thus is the way of a chef…when we find the food ingredients pleasing …we return more frequently. Back to the Turkey

I was going to grab a turkey and bring it home but they bird was only being sold as a huge 13-18 pound macho. I would not need all that to store. I have no problem butchering a frozen turkey down to the parts I use for a meal. Legs for my Mushroom Soup recipe (YUM), Wings for BBQ grill time (YUM) ….Breast and thighs for weekend oven roast. I might return after I write this blog post and get a bird….I am talking myself into it.



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