Ameri-Mex Burritos De Carne Asada


The title just gives me goosebumps… Putting out all that hispanical-a-garb…and chatting up the food that comes from my cast iron skillet makes me drool. I really do enjoy a nice burrito with fajita seasoned beef, red and yellow bell peppers, fresh sliced fried onion….perhaps some avocado….a little rice….black olives…sour cream and fresh salsa. Let’s shut up and make some Ameri-mex burritos, using a nice fajita seasoned beef.

1 1/2 tbsp fajita seasoning (see the recipe I posted)

6 oz of sliced steak (2″strips)

1 tbsp canola oil

1 tsp minced garlic

1/4 cup white wine

4 oz canned black beans (I ended up opening a 15 oz can)

2 oz frozen corn

1 large sweet onion, sliced

1 yellow bell pepper, sliced

1 red bell pepper, sliced

2 oz sliced drained black olives

4 oz cooked rice

4 oz shredded monterey jack cheese

4 super sized flour tortillas

4 oz sour cream

You might think I am throwing the kitchen sink at this dish but the texture and flavors really do a great job as you bite into this burrito. My gal loves this type of meal and we repeat this several times a month. Cannot believe I have not posted this recipe for you up to now. You deserve better of me….


In a 12 -14 in skillet place the canola oil and heat on med-high until smoke is beginning to form on the oil in the pan.

Add the onion and bell pepper and toss in the oil for around 8 minutes until the peppers begin to char a bit on the skin and the onion clarifies.

Add frozen corn and black beans. Gently toss to mix flavors of the peppers with the corn and beans.

Add garlic and toss a bit more. Remove from heat and transfer out of skillet all that beautiful veggie mix trying to leave the oil behind as much as possible.

Place skillet back on stove and add beef. Stir beef in the oil clinging to the pan and charred onion and pepper mix still clinging to the pan.

Let beef begin to char and add 1/4 cup of white wine (you can use a chicken stock if you have already sipped all the wine) to deglaze the pan

Place veggies back into pan and toss gently to get the beef and veggie flavors to incorporate

Warm your flour tortillas in the oven or sit them on a warm skillet until they are warmed

Place a nice scoop of your beef veggie fajita mix in the center of the tortilla.

Add an ounce of rice and spread on top of the meat mix

Add an ounce of sour cream on the rice

Add an ounce of shredded cheese

Wrap your tortilla shell into the burrito tucking in the ends and place it in the skillet to give it some toasting on all sides.

I have a cast iron griddle that really work well for the task of finishing off the burritos.

Top with your favorite salsa or use my salsa recipe (already posted) and extra sour cream. This is a delicious…non-genuine non traditional latino meal…but it is so gooey and good that who cares. Call it what ever you want …but you will not be disappointed to call it good!

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