Chef’s Special Double Mint Sweet Southern Tea

Making the most of the moment can only make you smile. Even a great glass of ice tea can define the moment. I love tea…. so I make it to my taste. I make this treat regularly for my coworkers and they really appreciate the effort. Let’s make my double mint special tea. You will then know why it is a special tea.

4 ea bags of Luzianne tea

2 ea bags of Bigelow Perfectly Mint tea

2 ea bags of Bigelow Peppermint tea

2/3 cup sugar

1 gal hot water from your tap (do not boil)

In a large 1 gallon covered beverage container place sugar.

From the tap use the hottest water you have from tap and add some on top of the sugar

Stir or swirl the water until the sugar is dissolved

Add the tea bags and fill container

Allow the tea to steep in the hot water for several hours

Stir the tea to blend the sugar

Place in refrigerator to chill

Serve over iceĀ 

Enjoy…. I already know that you love this tea.

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