Turkey Pot Pie – Chef Gosselin Style

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I do like a┬ánice Turkey Pot Pie. I rarely make this wonderful meal. Perhaps it is just the item that might motivate you as my readers to unravel your kitchen skills and to create a meat dinner pie for yourself or family. Let’s make a turkey pot pie….it’s delicious! 4 cups shredded cooked turkey 2

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Red Beans and Rice

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My pal Chris has been experimenting with a Red Beans and Rice recipe that he found. He has had some early recipe setback and I am hoping to give him enough written instruction to get him over the recipe hump and in a position to enjoy a bowl of his own home cooked meal. Let’s

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Thanksgiving Day at the Chef’s house

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It is quiet in the house. My 15 furry family members are in sniff coma. I have been cooking and playing in my little version of heaven all morning. There was a couple of pumpkin pies that came from the fine macho pumpkin that Kristy provided. My mom who is a fine chef likes to

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