Robust Chicken Salad – Paula Kuhl Style

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As a house hold cook, I can appreciate the fine perfection that someone places into their preparation. My pal Cliff has always been so proud and bold as to brag about his wife and several meals that she makes. He told me of her famous chicken salad and how the real Hellmann’s mayonnaise and green

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Vegetable Soup (Beef Base)

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Yes, I do spend many hours in the kitchen. It is my playland. My parents gave me a gift this year of an electric pressure cooker (very nice programmable model). I am playing with the pressure cooker, getting a feel for the ways to improve my grasp on technology and still enjoy my pastime.  I

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Creamy Tomato Bisque

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Traditionally a bisque is a French manifestation that is made from a clear, strained seafood stock. But the nouveaux chefs have modified the menu to include a thick veggie stock. I am fond of the term “bisque” and use it to include my thick tomato based, highly seasoned stock. The fresh tomato sauce season is

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