Salpicao de Frango (Brazilian Chicken salad)

  Salpicao, is a salad made with vegetables, fruits, and meat (normally chicken or turkey) and a delicious touch of crunchy potato sticks.  It is good with anything even sandwiches, roasted chicken, barbecue… In Brazil is traditional to serve in the New Year and Christmas supper, but it can be used any occasion. Delicious, creamy

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Banana Muffin Cheese Cake

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  I could not really make this cake come to reality by giving it a name. So let me just blog you through it. I was going to make a nice set of banana nut muffins. I had some recent disgust with the brand of creamed cheese my wife had bought so I was going

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Torta Palha Italiana (Brazilian Chocolate Wafer Treat)

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Palha Italiana, originally, is a cookie made with brigadeiro (truffles) mixed with “biscoito maisena”(biscuit mix), and allowed to dry then cut into squares and covered in powdered sugar. Is very traditional in birthday parties, reunions, actually any occasion. It is delicious and very very appreciated for the Brazilian taste. This is a big version of the cookie and is

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