LINGUADO NO PACOTE (Flounder baked in paper)

Adding a healthy item to your daily meal routine like a fine fish or seafood is always good. This dish is simple to make and the recipe is delicious, fast, and low in calories. It can be served with a nice leafy green salad. I suggest serving a salad like that of Chef Craig. The salad

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Sweet Ameri-Oriental Crockpot Cabbage

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  Mr. Yoshida’s Marinade is a powerful tool in my kitchen. I am working up a unique meal for my gal’s lunch and decided to prepare it with a little flare from the orient. Boiled cabbage (fresh Chef Gosselin’s Garden) is in my crockpot along with a tsp of minced garlic some butter, salt /pepper and

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Choose My Plate Roasted Red Pepper Salad Dressing

Choose My Plate is the catch name for the sugar and calorie conscious recipe plan that has been specially scribed for any person looking for scrumptious recipes created by non famous Chef’s (hehehehehe). Here is a designer salad dressing that will turn heads that it is delicious, low in calories and an affective menu item

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Choose My Plate Cucumber Garden Salad Vinaigrette Dressing

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Creamy salad dressings that have texture and flavor offer my favorite appeal. I totally dislike most store bought diabetic or low calorie dressings. Watery and flavorless….but here is a fine dressing that you can modify and play with a bit that will be flexible in both the diabetic and weight loss categories. Let’s Make a

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Jim Dorsey Cheese Cake Recipe

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hmmmmmmmm…. I am sharing the Ashgrove Inn recipe for Cheesecake… it was very good and we made it fresh in our bakery. It was a very smooth cheese cake recipe and it was made so by the addition of sour cream in the batter. Jim Dorsey has asked for a very smooth cream cheese recipe and

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