Chef Gosselin Waffle Batter Recipe

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Waffles are high on my list of recipes that make me think that breakfast can be served at anytime. I am writing this recipe for my Brazilian kitchen partner, Mariuska….or is it her oldest daughter, Maya. Either way…I know that she will enjoy preparing her family a great fancy looking menu item. Let’s Make Waffles.

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Cyclist Trail Mix

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Geoffrey and Barry are soon heading North to pedal the Adirondack Loop which is roughly a 400 mile ride around upstate NY. It will require energy bars. Barry is a great kitchen magician and Geoffrey is a great critic….so I will create a formula to tease Barry into creating that which Geoffrey will rave about. Both

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Old World Breads

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Many of my recipes are made from the recipe basics. I am a stickler with perfecting the basic techniques and mastering the base recipe before moving towards the more elaborate methods. Here we are going to look at the European bread for some tastes that you might have been yearning. I will give you the

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